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About ALL IN Communication

“ALL IN Communication” takes a powerfully unique, holistic approach to Interactive or Interpersonal Communication skills. The products and services we offer provide the individual or corporations a level of training that goes far beyond traditional sales or communication training. “ALL IN Communication” focuses speaking, training, and consulting services specifically designed to target unconscious (subconscious / preconscious) behaviors, that drive verbal and non-verbal communication. We show individuals how to quickly develop and utilize these amazingly powerful means of subconscious communication in order to automatically create a congruent message that quickly transforms their interpersonal communication skills from ordinary to extraordinary. When a persons non-verbal communication is in alignment with the verbal message they are instantly, automatically perceived to be more credible, honest, competent, persuasive and charismatic.

As human’s we pride ourselves on being unpredictable, spontaneous, thinking rational beings, however, research does not bear that idea out. In fact, it is our belief that we are unpredictable that actually makes us more predictable. Additionally, in many cases while we believe we are making “free choice” in situations, many times we have been guided, suggested or "forced" to reach decisions we believe to have been free choice.

It is also important to understand that the human brain does not “like” to think. The brain’s default stimulus response method is through memory recall, associations and thought loops or patterns. When you see something you have never seen before, you do not analyze what that thing may be until after your brain has done a massive search, called a transderivational search through your memories, from earliest childhood memories, to present, and compares ALL of them to the new thing we are seeing. In so doing the brain begins to formulate associations based on the search results and context. Therefore, if you have never actually seen a rugby ball and may not actually know exactly what it is, but based on size, material, etc. you will know it is some form of ball.

“ALL IN Communication” offers a variety of Speaking, Training and Consulting Service options in the following areas:

  • Mental Peak Performance
  • Body Language
  • Effective Verbal Communication
  • Persuasion & Influencing Language
  • Deception Detection
  • Micro Expressions
  • Personality Assessment
  • Effectively Using Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication in Selling
  • Business Executive & Management Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication Skills
  • Job Candidate Interviewing Techniques
  • Risk Management Observation and Interviewing
  • Deposition Analysis
  • Jury Analysis
  • Witness Preparation
  • Witness Analysis
  • Speech Preparation & Coaching

About The Founder and Owner

James G Springer

James G Springer - Speaker, Trainer and Consultant in the areas of verbal and non-verbal communication. With over 30 years of business, sales management and sales training experience, James is also highly skilled and trained in the following areas:

  • Body Language and Deception Detection
  • Micro Expressions
  • Advanced Handwriting Analysis
  • Master Life Coach
  • Persuasion & Influence Language
  • Personality Profiling and Assessment
  • Public Speaker
  • Consulting Hypnotist
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Covert and Conversational Hypnosis

This unique skill set makes James the Ideal professional to train, consult, coach or speak to your organization about all things relating to interpersonal communication. For more information or to book Mr. Springer....


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