Deception BLAST(TM) Deception Detection Easily Detect Deception with Superb Accuracy!

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Start Out by Learning the Physical Indicators of Deception

Although everyone lies, lying very difficult to do from a mental perspective. Therefore, the resulting cognitive overload that occurs as a result of lying causes emotional leaks or "Hot Spots". A trained person can easily spot these signals. Physical deception indicators are involuntary movements that occur subconsciously. Thus the person who has lied will have leaked the truth without knowing they have done so.
Your trainer in this course is Retired 30 year Military Intelligence Officer Doug Whetstone. Doug has trained all over the world and is recognized as a leading authority in deception detection.
His best-selling book "Secrets of Detecting Lies" is regarded the world over as an authoritative and comprehensive guide to Human Lie Detection.
The BLAST (TM) Deception Detection method is the result of over 2,000 high value interviews conducted by Doug himself.

BLAST(tm) Deception Detection Expert Certification Course

BLAST Certificate Sample

Rather than simply taking the individual modules you may want to go "ALL IN" and become a Certified Deception Expert. The Deception Expert training includes the Physical and Verbal Deception training, plus additional comprehensive training on how to score deception and market yourself as a deception expert.
BLAST(tm) is perfect for Sales Professionals looking to improve their close rate; Human Resources Interviewers, who are tired of finding out too late that a candidate has lied to them; Business Executives who negotiate large deals and need to make certain that nothing is being hidden; Attorney's and Paralegals who interview witnesses, try cases in front of a jury and take depositions; Law Enforcement Officers who interrogate possible criminals and interview witnesses and need to know that they are being told the truth. As a result, anyone who takes this course will experience benefits you couldn't imagine.


Become a Certified Deception Detection Expert

10 Deception Hacks

FREE 26 Page Report - 10 Deception Hacks Everyone Should Know

Maybe you're not quite ready or not yet convinced that these courses are right for you. If so, this report is the perfect introduction into the amazing science of Human Lie Detection.

Keep in mind, this report is in no way intended to be a comprehensive guide to Deception Detection. The actual BLAST(tm) Programs will give you comprehensive training. It will, however, give you a risk free look at the fascinating world of spotting hidden emotion and deception.

In this 26 page report I will show you 10 quick and easy Deception Detection hacks that you can begin using today in your every day life with your family, friend, coworkers, bosses or clients. This "Basic Training" report will also demonstrate the power and potential of this incredibly valuable skill.

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10 Human Lie Detection Hacks

Some Facts About Lies

Who Lies?

  • Everybody - While we don't like to admit it, everyone, yes, everyone Lies. In fact, we are quite prolific in our deceptions. Regardless of religion, economic status, race or any other factor, everyone lies.
  • Remember - Anything that is not 100% the truth is a Lie. The most commonly told lie is... "I'm fine".

Why do we Lie?

  • There are several reasons why we tell lies. Most are not malicious, in fact we often lie trying to do something good.
    • We Lie to Make Ourselves look better
    • We Lie to Make Others look better
    • We Lie to Protect Others
    • We Lie to Protect Ourselves

How Much do We Lie

  • We Lie A Lot! - In fact, the numbers may surprise you.

        The average person:

    • will be told a minimum of 8-10 lies every day.
    • men average between 8 and 10 lies per day
    • women average between 3 and 8 lies per day
    • The average person will lie nearly 3 times per 10 minutes of conversation.

How Good Are YOU At Detecting Lies?

The average person, can catch about 54% of the lies they're told, when they are actively looking for deception which is just a little better than a coin toss!

Whenever that same person is NOT specifically looking for deception, they will miss about 80% of the lies they're told. That means on average you being lied to 6 to 8 times per day and have no idea that someone lied to you!

Judges, Attorneys, and Law Enforcement Officers aren't much better than the average untrained person the same, catching lies; roughly between 54 and 56% of the time!