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3 Body Language Gestures - 1 to Leave out and 2 you can't do without!



FREE Body Language Cheat Sheet

Everyone communicates with others. In fact, we communicate a lot more than you may know.

In this short 6 page "Body Language Cheat Sheet" I explain about three Gestures we commonly use in speaking. 1 of which can derail the best presentation, and 2 that will absolutely make you the person everyone wants to see and hear.

This "Cheat Sheet' gives you insight into what I call Body Language PIE,  Which will give you a keen insight into the psychology behind how we use these gestures and when we should and should not use them.

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Some Facts About Body Language

How Important is Understanding Body Language?


  • Everybody - Communicates Far Beyond the Words they use. In fact, your words contribute the smallest percentage of overall communication in one on one or one to group presentation.


  • Remember - It is important to note, your body is communicating whether your not you are conscious of what messages it is sending out


  • Solution - Once you understand the hidden language of the body, you can begin to more fully understand the hidden messages behind the words you hear.

How Does the Body Speak?

  • Our bodies communicate a variety of messages in a host of ways. Through movement, hand and facial gestures, posture, position, proximity and many more. But what messages does it send?


The body relay's a variety of messages very subtly some of those would be:

    • Confidence or No Confidence
    • Stress or Anxiety
    • Pleasure or Anger
    • Happiness or Sadness
    • Aggression or Passivity

The body conveys our true emotions, as well as, our attempts to hide emotions. If you don't know which you're seeing, or if the person with whom you're communicating doesn't know, it is easy for your message to become incongruent. When that happens there is a disconnect in the mind between what is being said by our words versus what is being said by our body.

How Much Does Body Language Contribute to Overall Communication

A Lot! - In fact, the numbers may surprise you. In interpersonal communication it breaks down like this

  • Your body contributes 56% of total communication


  • Your voice (non-verbals) Contributes 37%


  • Your words contributes a mere 7%

So as you can see, what we say with our bodies and voice are much more important than what we actually say. In fact, if you watch enough presentations you will notice for yourself that often times an outstanding speech is very weak on content, but the message is excellent because the speaker had very good control of their non-verbal communication.

How Good Are YOU At Reading Body Language??

The question should actually have been "How good are you at CONSCIOUSLY reading body language?" Most of us have the ability to unconsciously read the signals our bodies give off. We just simply don't know what they mean. Most people don't know the difference between a person being "closed off" or being cold, but subconsciously your mind interprets the visual input in a way that may be incorrect. Something as simple as the tilt of a person's head can make a tremendous difference in how we should proceed with our conversation. 

Most people don't know the difference between pacifying, illustrative and emblematic gestures when they are displayed fully. There are even fewer who consciously see and correctly interpret the subtle subconscious micro or mini displays of these gestures.

101 Interpretations of Body Language Course

If you are interested in getting an excellent grasp of the hidden language of the body, the 101 Interpretations of body Language is the place to start. In this course you will learn 101 of the most common body language signs, how to recognize them and then how to properly interpret their meaning.

Additionally the course comes with cheat sheet pocket cards that you can carry with you as you are becoming proficient with your new skills.



The compete 101 Interpretations Body Language Training contains:
- Interpretations of the 101 most used Body Language positions
- Pocket Sized Cards with 101 interpretations you can take anywhere
- Exercises of applying Body Language in daily situations
- Analysis of a few interviews of Matt Damon, Bill Clinton,...
- Bonus: 1 hour recording of live Body Language Training


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101 Body Language Interpretations