Most Valuable Player
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The Most Valuable Player In My Business & My Life   “Marriage, in its truest sense, is a partnership of equals, with neither exercising dominion over the other, but, rather, with each encouraging and assisting the other in whatever responsibilities … Read More

Social Media – Making Connections Count
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The Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Expert – Kris Degioia – CEO, WTF Multimedia |Forbes Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategist | Forbes Top 50 Social Media Marketer | |National Speaker | LinkedIn Coach… and My Social Media Super Hero … Read More

Body Language – Facts and Fiction
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Recently I have read several articles about Body Language. Articles with titles similar to, “The Top 10 Body Language Signals That _______” or “The 5 Body Language Signs You Must Know When You’re________”. I’ve even written a few myself in … Read More

Interpersonal Communication The “ALL IN” Way
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Are You "ALL IN" with Your Interpersonal Communication Skills? The Psychology Behind the ALL IN Concept ALL IN Communication was developed around the concept of the ultimate poker bet. When a poker player goes “ALL IN” they have put all … Read More

Unemployable – Experience vs Degree
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Professional with Years of Applicable Experience… UNQUALIFIED  College Graduate with no Applicable Experience… QUALIFIED Does Experience Mean Nothing Without a Degree? In today’s job market experience seems to count for very little, unless backed up by a degree, whether the … Read More

5 Life Skills Every Child Needs
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Why These Life Skills Are Important There are some life skills that, in my opinion, help provide the foundation for a healthy, happy and successful life. The earlier in life they are learned the better. Learning these valuable lessons before … Read More

Learn to Listen with Your Eyes
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The Key to Effective Listening What does it Mean to Really Listen? When we think of listening we most commonly think of our hearing. To listen is not to hear…to listen, to really listen means much more than simple hearing. … Read More

The Science of Mind and How We Instantly Create Emotional Connections
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The Theory of Mind What Makes Us Do the Things We Do Before any external communication can take place, there is a host of communication that goes on inside our mind. Our mental state, emotions, associations and often our opinions … Read More