Body Language – Facts and Fiction
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Recently I have read several articles about Body Language. Articles with titles similar to, “The Top 10 Body Language Signals That _______” or “The 5 Body Language Signs You Must Know When You’re________”. I’ve even written a few myself in … Read More

BLAST – Human Lie Detection
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Human Lie Detection Introducing the BLAST(tm) Scoring Method When it comes to Human Lie Detection or Deception Detection a number of thoughts come to mind. What is Human Lie Detection? Is it really possible to determine if someone is lying? … Read More

Body Language – Presentation to NASP-Net
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Body Language PIE This is a presentation I gave to the Nashville Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) Networking group.It covers much of the material included in my Body Language Cheat Sheet,which you can get today, where I discuss the three … Read More