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If you're interested in becoming better at reading the hidden messages we convey through our facial expressions lasting from 1/25 to 1/5 of a second this is the course is worth its weight in gold!

Body Language Cheat Sheet

3 Body Language Gestures - 1 to Leave out and 2 you can't do without!



FREE Body Language Cheat Sheet

Everyone communicates with others. In fact, we communicate a lot more than you may know.

In this short 6 page "Body Language Cheat Sheet" I explain about three Gestures we commonly use in speaking. 1 of which can derail the best presentation, and 2 that will absolutely make you the person everyone wants to see and hear.

This "Cheat Sheet' gives you insight into what I call Body Language PIE,  Which will give you a keen insight into the psychology behind how we use these gestures and when we should and should not use them.

Grab your copy now. This report is usually 9.95 but for a limited time you can get it for absolutely FREE!

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Some Facts About Body Language

How Important is the Ability to See Micro Expressions?


  • Everybody - Micro Expressions are the only form of Body Language that are universal. Regardless of where you are from, or even if you have never been able to see. The Facial expressions are exactly the same around the world.


  • Remember - It is important to note, of all the Body Language Clues we give, our face is more important that all others, in that it communicates true emotions. Since these movements come from the subconscious they cannot be controlled, and are always true to the persons real feelings.


  • Solution - When you can recognize and interpret Micro Expressions accurately, you will raise your Emotional Intelligence significantly, which makes it much more likely that you will be successful in your endeavors. Additionally, you will be able to better communicate with others as you appear to read their minds.

How Does the Face Speak?

  • Our face contains 43 muscles capable of producing approximately 10,000 unique expressions. However, most all of the expressions we display are a derivative of the 7 universal emotions.

The 7 universal emotions are:

  1. Happiness
  2. Sadness
  3. Anger
  4. Contempt
  5. Disgust
  6. Fear
  7. Surprise

And of course there is the possibility of a neutral expression.

The face display's our true emotions, from a subconscious level which means they cannot be controlled or manipulated. In Deception Detection we call these slightest of expressions emotional leaks. Regardless of what you do with your words, voice or body, the face tells the truth about how someone is feeling.

How Good Are YOU At Reading Micro Expressions?

On Average an untrained person will see only about 24% of the micro expressions displayed by another person. Often times we simply don't know what is involved in forming an expression and what it really means. However, with some training and practice the average person who takes this course will increase their accuracy level to between 80 and 95%. 

When you can accurately read and interpret micro and subtle expressions at this level, communication takes on a whole new meaning. As you have discussions with others you will be able to instantly, automatically find yourself recognizing the true hidden emotions of those with whom you are communicating. People are amazed when you appear to read their mind in revealing to them how they actually feel about a subject, situation or thing.

Micro Expression Certification Course

Micro Expressions Test

If you are interested in getting an excellent grasp of the hidden language of the face, you owe it to yourself to take this amazingly powerful course. What's nice about the Center For Body Language is that they make it easy to learn and afford the training.

They have courses ranging from the free assessment and free body language courses, through the Certified Micro Expressions Practitioner, all the way up to the Certified Instructor levels. Regardless of the training you seek the Center for Body Language has a program for you.



The Micro Expressions Practitioner Certification Program Consists of:

4 weeks of Advanced Online Training Personally with the Creators of METVA free 1 year METV license

  • Most advanced online training on how to use the science of micro expressions in daily situations
  • Over 12 hours of interactive training
  • Live personal Q&A with the creators of METV
  • How to use the BLINK Conversation Technique™ to get answers without asking questions
  • Effective Conversations™ Training to know exactly what to say when you detect incongruence
  • Practical and tailored for Sales, Recruitment and Negotiations

Click on the Link below, try the FREE Micro Expressions Test then decide which program will best serve your needs. Check it out today!

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