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At ALL IN Communication, we believe in providing value far beyond sales. If all you get is exactly what you pay for then no value has been added. That is one reason for this page. I want to share with you some of the recordings I have made and will continue to make, as well as, some of my favorites from others whom I believe to be important figures in educating others in the area of interpersonal communication.

Remember, "ALL IN" Communication is about all aspects of interpersonal and internal communication. It is about becoming the best communicator you can possibly be, whether you are communicating with an audience of thousands, a small group in the office, one on one with a colleague, at home with your family, or simply communicating with yourself. The "ALL IN" Model is about effectively utilizing both the conscious and unconscious aspects of communication in a way that is completely natural, and easily adapted into daily life, to the point where your communication instantly creates and provides significant value in any situation. All because YOU know how to influentially, effectively communicate powerfully.

I hope you enjoy the recordings!

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