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Offers a Wide Range of Consulting & Coaching Services to Make Your Business More Profitable.

ConsultingSometimes expertise is most effective when it comes from outside the corporate structure. By hiring a consultant / coach you get an "outsider" take on what's going on inside your business. At ALL IN Communication we offer the highest level of communication skills consulting available.

Through our consulting and coaching services we can be of great assistance in helping your organization in many areas. As a consultant to your organization we provide you with many useful and profit generating opportunities and give you access to resources that most, if not all, of your competitors do not have.

Consulting Services Include:

  • Sales Coaching / Consulting - Sales Consulting can dramatically enhance your company's sales force in effectively closing sales. This is not sales training but rather a combination of coaching and consulting to show both your sales management and your team how to more effectively communicate with each other, and their clients / prospects in a way that will instantly produce positive results.
  • Contract Sales Management.- One of the struggles of growing companies is deciding when it's time to hire a full time Sales Manager. Effective Sales Management and "Super Star" Salesmanship are to vastly different skill sets. Companies often make the mistake of promoting their star sales rep to sales manager. This, more often than not, removes a stellar performer from your sales ranks, and puts them in an area of responsibility for which they are not equipped. If your company is in that "in between" stage, where a full time sales manager is too expensive, but the sales team is in need of the guidance, coaching, training and direction that only a sales manager can provide, we can help. "ALL IN" Communication can provide you with contract sales management at a greatly reduced cost, while still providing high level sales management.
  • Business Coaching / Consulting - As business consultants we will provide you with a wide range of consulting and coaching services from the top down. From the Executive Suite to the Front Desk, everyone in your organization will benefit from this service We look at everything from effective interaction between individuals and departments, organizational structure and dynamics, in a way that will enhance your organizations ability to achieve your goals and objectives.
  • Human Resources Consulting - If you would rather not train your Human Resources and Department Managers in Body Language, Micro Expressions and Deception Detection, our HR Consulting may be the answer. We will provide you with expert assessment of prospective employee interviews offering input as to the honesty and reliability of your prospective employees. We can also assist in analyzing corporate investigations into potentially damaging employee behavior, by analyzing interviews or actually performing the interviews for you and providing a deception assessment report that results from either type of interview performed.
  • Organizational Dynamics - Through the use of individual personality assessments, org chart review, and team dynamics we can show you exactly who is going to naturally work well together, and who you should consider re-assigning, or providing additional training in order to provide you with a more harmonious, productive and efficient organizational dynamic.

To find out more about our consulting services just fill in the contact form with your request and phone contact information. We will be in contact within one business day, or call 615-388-1389 to speak with someone directly.

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