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Body Language PIE
Body Language Cheat Sheet
Download this valuable resource, do what it says and you will quickly find yourself becoming profoundly more influential, persuasive and engaging in your presentation skills, both one to one, as well as, to a group or audience.
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10 Deception Hacks
10 Deception Detection Hacks
This is by no means a comprehensive guide to detecting lies, but rather a quick concise introduction into an amazing skill set that could have a profound affect on your life, relationships and your income.
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Concise Female Body Language Guide
Decoding body language can be challenging at best. However having a Body Language Guide to better understand the subtle or even unconscious physical, or non-verbal signals she is sending, can definitely save you time, effort and potential embarrassment. Follow this simple Body Language Guide and you will have a better understanding of female human behavior than about 90% of everyone else out there!
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BLAST Deception Detection Expert Certification

Join the elite force of experts who can detect when someone is lying.

BLAST™ provides the most up-to-date techniques for detecting lies without any equipment. It is the only certification course that graduates highly trained professionals, grounded in the latest research.
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Micro Expressions Practitioner Training
This program comes from the "Body Language Institute of Belgium and is the only micro expressions training that provides you with actual video practice drills. You can practice at slow, normal or fast speeds as your competence improves, and there are a number of program options from which to choose. The average untrained person will only be able to see about 24% of the micro expressions they witness every day. After this training course you should be able to spot around 90%. Imagine how much more effective you will be when you are able to do this.
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Complete Recording Hardware Kit Under $500!
This Page has all the hardware you'll need to record live presentations or studio presentations for training or Vlog / Blog Recording. Most necessary software can be acquired for free. Purchase through Amazon by Clicking on the image.
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