The Silent Sale – Language of the Subconscious Mind
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  10 Steps to the “Silent Sell” – The Language of the Subconscious Mind Imagine you’re on a sales call or meeting with a prospect or customer. You may spend an hour making your presentation, answering questions. You may have … Read More

Body Language – Facts and Fiction
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Recently I have read several articles about Body Language. Articles with titles similar to, “The Top 10 Body Language Signals That _______” or “The 5 Body Language Signs You Must Know When You’re________”. I’ve even written a few myself in … Read More

5 Ways to Tell Angry from Dangerous
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Some Common Sense Ways to Recognize Dangerous Behavior and How to Handle it. Video Clip on Dangerous Body Language   Video From One of My Training Sessions – “Dangerous / Threatening Body Language” We are confronted by people who are … Read More

Create a Lasting Positive Impression
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A Negative or Positive Impression is Formed Without Anyone Saying a Word Creating a Lasting and Powerfully Positive Impression on the people you meet may not occur in the way you might think. In general long before any words are … Read More

First Impression…Forms Almost Instantly
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How Long Does it Really Take to Make a First Impression? In past, teaching we were taught we have about a minute to make a first impression. Unfortunately, for most of us research has proven that to be untrue. So … Read More

How to Sound Smart
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Can Non-Verbal Communication Make You Sound Smart? The way you physically and audibly communicate your message can have a profound effect on just how your message is received. Not only can your non-verbal communication convey confidence, competence and honesty, or … Read More

BLAST – Human Lie Detection
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Human Lie Detection Introducing the BLAST(tm) Scoring Method When it comes to Human Lie Detection or Deception Detection a number of thoughts come to mind. What is Human Lie Detection? Is it really possible to determine if someone is lying? … Read More

Learn to Listen with Your Eyes
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The Key to Effective Listening What does it Mean to Really Listen? When we think of listening we most commonly think of our hearing. To listen is not to hear…to listen, to really listen means much more than simple hearing. … Read More

Body Language – Presentation to NASP-Net
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Body Language PIE This is a presentation I gave to the Nashville Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) Networking group.It covers much of the material included in my Body Language Cheat Sheet,which you can get today, where I discuss the three … Read More